Environment & Safety

We here at Pankey's understand and respect the need for a clean environment, which is why we're proud to say we far exceed EPA standards for clean air filtration. We've received numerous Environmental Achievement Awards in recognition of going above and beyond compliance with ecological laws, and for our water recycling system. Our industrial HEPA filter, which retains the dust and debris while allowing purified air through, ensures that only clean air is released from our facility. The equipment utilized in this process are replaced or cleaned periodically, in less time than is called for by environmental agencies. Likewise, our water recycling system was put into place long before laws demanding such a process were enacted. The oil, dirt and other debris from cleaning and abrasive blasting are caught in filters and converted into bricks, which are then properly disposed of by an ecologically sound provider. In the same great tradition, Pankey's is proud to be at the forefront of ecologically sound practices, and promises to keep up with the latest innovations and programs to help protecting our environment for future generations.