Radiator Fan

The radiator fan is a crucial radiator component that helps keep your engine from overheating and blowing a head gasket - which often leads to catastrophic engine failure. This is why it is crucial to have the proper replacement radiator fan for your SUV, truck, van, or car. When it comes to finding the right radiator fan, no one in the San Francisco Bay Area beats Pankey's Radiator Repair Shop. Making sure that you get the right replacement radiator far is important to the proper functioning of your car. Without a properly functioning car radiator fan, the engine can overheat, blow a head gasket, and even damage important electronic components such as computer chips. This typically requires a whole new engine or, at least, an extremely expensive repair. In addition to the cost of a new engine or extensive engine repairs, it can also be extremely frustrating to deal with a car with an overheated engine, especially when it is pulled over on the side of the road with steam pouring from your radiator. When you get the right radiator fan for your car at Pankey's Radiator Repair Shop, we make sure to charge the lowest prices for our parts that we can (and still keep the lights on). Pankey's Radiator Repair Shop is the place to go in Northern California for any radiator fan that you may have. Pankey's Radiator Repair Shop was a huge selection of radiator fan models to choose from and the friendliest and most informed staff when it comes to the radiator far around. Pankey's Radiator Repair Shop proudly offers the following radiator and radiator fan parts and services: Radiator heater Radiator heat Radiator support